nother Pawn in The Game
A wild world out there...
Pamper your pawns and challenge your friends in epic fights!
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How to survive here

Join the game

If you have a Facebook account:
- Just click on 'Log in with Facebook'

If not:
- Click on 'Signup'.
- Enter a valid email adress and choose a password. Then click on 'Create Account'.
- You should receive an email from us within a few minutes. Open it and click on the validation link.
Congratulations, you are now registered! Click 'Play' to start playing.

Note: If you don't receive the validation email, check your spam box, and the email adress you have entered. You can come back to the signin page if need be.

The basics

You are requested to create your first pawn: it's up to you now!
(Our advice for beginners would be to avoid creating a White Mage as a first pawn, as it is a supporting class.)
Note: Its name will also be your player's name.

Once you have created your pawn, you enter the Bronze League!
- Choose 'League Fight' to challenge the world and try to win league points.
- By clicking on 'Custom Fight', you can challenge your friends and find new ones.
- Click on a pawn to customize its equipment, check and upgrade its skills, and set up its defense strategy.
- Click on the castle to visit the shops and access the throne room.
- In the throne room, visit the king/queen of the League and challenge his/her champion to access a higher league.
- Click on 'Watch Replay' to view your last attacks and defenses.

How to fight

- Use your pawn's attack to damage the foes.
- If your pawn is a spell caster (black mage, white mage or red mage), use its spells for more efficient results, as long as you have mana available.
- If your pawn is a warrior, use its special actions when appropriate.
- Use items to recover health points and mana.

How to find or invite friends in the game

If you have a Facebook account:
- Click on 'Custom Fight', then login with Facebook. You will then see your Facebook friends playing the game.
Once you're logged in with Facebook, you can also invite friends by sending them a message.

You can also invite a friend with his/her Player ID:
- Ask your friend his/her Player ID.
- Click on 'Custom Fight', then on 'Find Friends'.
- Fill in the Player ID and click 'Invite'. Your friend will receive the invitation and he/she just needs to accept it.